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LA Stockport SEND inspection

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“I wanted to say thank you for this morning, it was lovely to spend the time with you all and to see Harriet in her new room eating her own body weight in rabbit crumpets. I was also very impressed to see the Easter Bunny make an appearance, we’d heard that there had been sightings! Thanks again for a fabulous start to the day.”

Emma (Harriet’s Mummy)

“The management team are passionate about providing a quality service and has a strong drive to continually develop the nursery”.

“Staff work closely with other professionals and help support children to make good progress”

“Parents are very happy with the quality of care and teaching provided”.

Ofsted March 2017

A’ine has absolutely loved doing French and the first thing she says on a Friday morning when she wakes up “it’s French day”. As a French speaker myself, I am absolutely delighted that A’ine is getting the opportunity to learn French at a young age.

Cara (A’ine’s Mummy)

Annabel loves Frenchtastic and likes to practice at home. She looks forward to the lesson every week.

Helen (Annabel’s mummy)

“Freyja shows us what she has learnt that day (Makaton) and signs and says at the same time. She used Makaton at her swim class with a little girl who was deaf to talk to her.”

Rebecca (Freyja’s mummy)

Clearly beautifully looked after children. Lovely to have information to take away and reflect upon.

Mrs Cooke and Miss Sprekley (Norris Bank Primary School)

Loved the clear information provided from the children’s parents, key worker and management. All the information has created a clear picture of the children ready for their transition to school

Leah Hadfield (St Thomas’ Heaton Chapel)

My Son has been at Snugglebums for 3 years and loves going to nursery. He has moved from snowflakes, to sunshines, to sunbeams and is now is rainbows. Each move involved thought and care into how he was responding and they adjusted the transition based on his feelings.

Hannah (Haiden’s Mummy)

Thank you for being absolutely brilliant with Rudy day in, day out.

Jenny (Rudy’s Mummy)

Thank you for looking after A’ine and us over the last 2+ years. The happy, confident little girls she is has a lot to do with you.

Cara (A’ine’s Mummy)

The staff tailor the children’s learning to their individual needs and interests. The range of activities planned for the children are varied and really stimulate them.

Angela (Luke’s Mummy)

The nursery always has a happy feel to it, the staff all seem to enjoy working there and the building is always immaculate

Lee (Max’s Daddy)

Staff were very supportive with parents whilst Jasmine was settling which made me feel so much better.

Bhavini (Jasmine’s mummy)

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