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What do I need to bring to nursery?

We advise that you bring a set of spare clothes (or a few sets), a bottle of calpol OR ibuprofen that can be kept at nursery and a tub of bottom cream to also keep at nursery. Clothing that is relevant for the weather. At snugglebums we explore the outdoors in all weathers.

If your little one is formula bottle fed we require the water already in the bottle to the required amount and separately the correct amount of formula measured out.

Snugglebums provides all Nappies and wipes.

How will I know my child is developing?

Your child has their very own key carer who is responsible for ensuring your little ones are supported, encouraged and challenged. Activities and resources are available to meet your little ones interests and next steps and through interaction, guidance, observation and parents input the key carer is able to track your child’s progress.

Your child has an online journal through Tapestry, their key carer will upload observations and photos of your child. You can access via your individual login details, We also encourage comment’s from you.

The key carer will also upload an overview of your child’s development on a termly basis.

We hold yearly parents evenings, this is a lovely time to leisurely see the nursery, your little ones work and have in depth discussions with all the team and in particular your child’s Key carer.

We strongly promote that at any time you can speak to your child’s key carer and look through their special work book.

When will my child move up rooms?

Your child will move rooms when the parents, key carer and management all feel they are developmentally and emotionally ready to move. This usually happens on the lead up to their birthday, however we can move them later / earlier if we feel that it’s needed.

How is the transition to the next room managed?

When dealing with a transition, a child will have a week of settles if needed, sometimes the move can be with friends. They will go to the following room with their current key carer and interact and build relationships with their new key carer. Parents will receive a certificate saying their child will be moving up along with who their new key carer will be and a photograph.

How is health and hygiene encouraged at nursery?

Physical activities are an important part of the child’s day. At snugglebums we have wake and shake time in the mornings (fun, shaky, dancing motions to music/song, enjoyed by all children and carers). We have sports sessions weekly delivered by little super stars. Snugglebums also strongly promote outdoor time.

We do daily teeth brushing to help parents to promote this sometimes difficult routine. The children bring in a toothbrush in a named case. Using mirrors and the toothbrush we practice healthy teeth brushing techniques. We do not use toothpaste. This is not a replacement for brushing at home.

We have healthy balanced 4 weekly menus cooked by our own qualified on site chef. The children and parents are encouraged to be a part of the decision in the menus with suggestion forms and children’s choice day. Our menus are displayed outside the kitchen (with photographs) on our website and in our reception area. We cater for and are experienced in a wide range of dietary requirements.

Throughout the nursery to include the outdoor area we have hand sanitisers at the children’s level and tissues. Hand washing is regularly encouraged and especially at certain times of the day such as before mealtimes, after creative / messy activities and after toileting.

At Snugglebums it is important that any child who is unwell does not attend nursery. In addition we have policies and guidance on exclusion periods in our reception area.

How often do the children go outdoors / outings?

At Snugglebums we make it a priority to take the children outdoors in all types of weather. As a minimum requirement the children must go outside at least twice a day. We love our outdoor play area at Snugglebums it is a large natural space that allows for lots of exploration and creativity. We also go on lots of outings to a variety of locations in the local area and sometimes travel by bus, tram or train.

Are all staff First aid trained?

Here at Snugglebums we have always ensured all our staff have acquired their First aid and have regular training throughout the year to ensure our knowledge and confidence stays strong.

Do you have any outside companies come in to provide activities / services?

We have Little Super stars that come in to do sport sessions every Thursday and Katie from Frenchtastic who come’s in every Friday to deliver French sessions through play

What does the daily cost of the nursery day cover?

The daily cost of the nursery day covers, all food which is breakfast, fruit snack, lunch, and tea. Cow’s milk, water, nappies and wipes. All activities and outings are provided for, and a highly qualified / experienced nursery team to care for your little one.

What are the staff ratios?

The staffing ratios for children under 2 years old is 1:3.

For children 2 -3 years the ratio is 1:4.

When children reach 3 years the ratio becomes 1:8.

With an Early years professional or Teacher on the premises, guidance states that for 3 year olds the ratio within certain hours can rise to 1:13.

Snugglebums DO NOT use this ratio, we stay with the 1:8

Do you cater for children who have specific dietary requirements?

We cater for all dietary requirements and have had experience in catering for children who are Lactose intolerant, pescatarian, celiac, and various food allergies such as legumes etc

Where ever possible we keep any change in meals as close to the original menu as possible.

“I wanted to say thank you for this morning, it was lovely to spend the time with you all and to see Harriet in her new room eating her own body weight in rabbit crumpets. I was also very impressed to see the Easter Bunny make an appearance, we’d heard that there had been sightings! Thanks again for a fabulous start to the day.”

Emma (Harriet’s Mummy)

“The management team are passionate about providing a quality service and has a strong drive to continually develop the nursery”.

“Staff work closely with other professionals and help support children to make good progress”

“Parents are very happy with the quality of care and teaching provided”.

Ofsted March 2017

A’ine has absolutely loved doing French and the first thing she says on a Friday morning when she wakes up “it’s French day”. As a French speaker myself, I am absolutely delighted that A’ine is getting the opportunity to learn French at a young age.

Cara (A’ine’s Mummy)

Annabel loves Frenchtastic and likes to practice at home. She looks forward to the lesson every week.

Helen (Annabel’s mummy)

“Freyja shows us what she has learnt that day (Makaton) and signs and says at the same time. She used Makaton at her swim class with a little girl who was deaf to talk to her.”

Rebecca (Freyja’s mummy)

Clearly beautifully looked after children. Lovely to have information to take away and reflect upon.

Mrs Cooke and Miss Sprekley (Norris Bank Primary School)

Loved the clear information provided from the children’s parents, key worker and management. All the information has created a clear picture of the children ready for their transition to school

Leah Hadfield (St Thomas’ Heaton Chapel)

My Son has been at Snugglebums for 3 years and loves going to nursery. He has moved from snowflakes, to sunshines, to sunbeams and is now is rainbows. Each move involved thought and care into how he was responding and they adjusted the transition based on his feelings.

Hannah (Haiden’s Mummy)

Thank you for being absolutely brilliant with Rudy day in, day out.

Jenny (Rudy’s Mummy)

Thank you for looking after A’ine and us over the last 2+ years. The happy, confident little girls she is has a lot to do with you.

Cara (A’ine’s Mummy)

The staff tailor the children’s learning to their individual needs and interests. The range of activities planned for the children are varied and really stimulate them.

Angela (Luke’s Mummy)

The nursery always has a happy feel to it, the staff all seem to enjoy working there and the building is always immaculate

Lee (Max’s Daddy)

Staff were very supportive with parents whilst Jasmine was settling which made me feel so much better.

Bhavini (Jasmine’s mummy)

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